6 Fantastic Open Courses for Small Business Owners

6 Fantastic Open Courses for Small Business Owners

Just knowing the basics of one’s business niche does not assure them of their business’ success. Business skills learned in class are therefore a crucial piece to business owners. Yet again, most small business owners may, for one reason or another, be unable to attend the classes. If you are one such business owner, worry not. You can still acquire those skills and knowledge from the comfort of your home or workplace. Read on to know some of the best open business course available.

The MIT Open Courseware’s Entrepreneurial Marketing

MIT is by far on of the best campuses in the world. This course is an extension of that prowess. It is especially handy for small business owners who wish to increase their marketing prowess. The course contains 12 marketing modules, accompanying assignment as well as a scheduled study guide. At the end of the course, the student will be able to integrate marketing concepts learned in their fields of practice.  Here is a look at some of MIT’s courses.

University of Michigan’s Introduction to Finance

If you have been running your business for a while then you might have had headaches regarding financial matters. This course will help you understand ideas relating to finance. On completion, you will not only be able to speak finance but also to identify the financial problems that lead to business failure.

The Open University’s Entrepreneurial behavior.

As you push on with your idea of creating a successful business, more ideas are likely to flow into your mind. However, the inability to transform these ideas into a meaningful venture leads to most of these ideas being dropped. The entrepreneurial behavior open coursework will help you mold those ideas into money schemes. Some of the topics covered include entrepreneurial thinking, entrepreneurial qualities as well as entrepreneurial work style.

Alison’s Fundamentals of Marketing Your Business Online

Going digital? Most businesses are. Yet, going digital is not as easy as just establishing a website, opening up pages on social media sites and posting your business. Online markets have changed and they are now as cutthroat as physical marketplaces. This course offers you keys to hacking it through the digital space to make your business more visible. The course will take you through an introduction to online marketing, using Google and Google Adwords, learning social media marketing skills as well as how to position your business in all those markets.

University of Michigan’s Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills.

Good business owners must always equip themselves with superb negotiation skills. That is why you definitely need this course. It brings skills of how to talk people into agreeing with your stance directly to your doorstep. Some of the topics to expect include; Introduction to negotiations, Planning your negotiation skills and Contract creation and evaluation.

Copenhagen Business School’ Strategic Management

No business survives without a strategy. As the business grows, so do the strategies. That is why you may need to go through this course. It will equip you with ideas on how to create and improve on business strategies. Key topics under study include an introduction to strategies, the evolution of strategies and change of strategies.

There are so many other relevant open courses out there. One only needs to look at the subject they are deficient in. Once one identifies their weakness then they will be able to adequately choose a relevant topic. Nevertheless, first try the above open courses.